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Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings! I am so glad to communicate with you through this site. In 1988, I was meet by a group of Gypsy children at a place called Srivaikundam of South India during my ministry tour. They asked some money and food for their belly. I gave some thing from my pocket and then I purchased and shared some bunch of breads to them.

Then I asked about themselves and their future. They simply told me, that they were asked by their parents to beg money and food for their entire needs. I was not satisfied with their answers. Finally I asked with them, whether they want to study in schools or join in children home. Very immediately they told that they donít want to go to school. Because they donít want to leave from their parent and their parent also donít want to leave their children.

Finally I came to a conclusion and I committed my self with Lord, ďO Lord! If you give me an opportunity to work for them, I am ready to do it and I would like to help them to get the education and bring them in to your kingdomĒ. As I committed, Lord open a door for me to enter among such children in Chennai (Madras) in 1993.

Since 1993, Lord helping us to reach many children through our literacy projects. Praise the Lord! By these projects we are seeing the changes in the lives of the children and their parents as well.
So, again I praise God for HIS wonderful grace towards us to work for HIM and HIS people in India.

If you feel fine to join with us in this regard, please feel free to write to us and we are available to answer you and work with you.

God bless!

Thank you.
With love in Christ

Raja Paul Gajendran
E mail: info@kgmissions.org

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